The Jæren wetlands

The rivers, marshlands, lakes and mudflats of Jæren have a magical attraction for all kinds of birds. Here, they find food and a place to rest on migration to and from their overwintering areas. Mild winters tempt many to overwinter both on the wetlands and along the coast.

The Ramsar Convention

The Jæren Coast Landscape Conservation Area contains eight reserves designated for bird conservation. These, and 15 other wetlands in the region, have been granted special conservation status under the international Ramsar Convention. In total, 23 protected wetlands, made up of a network of marshlands, lakes and mudflats, have been incorporated in the Jæren Wetlands System (see map). Ramsar status means that these wetlands have international protection from habitat loss and degradation.

Ramsar reserves in Sola – Harvelandsvatn.
Photo: Erik Thoring

Ramsar reserves in Sola – Grannesbukta.
Photo: Marius Harlem

Ramsar reserves in Sola – Storamyr.
Photo: Erik Thoring

The Jæren Wetlands Visitors Centre

The Jæren Wetlands Visitors Centre is an authorised information centre for Norwegian wetlands. It was established in 2012 and is funded by the Norwegian Environment Agency. It comprises three different facilities located at Mostun in Stavanger, in the lighthouse building at Kvassheim in Hå, and close to the beach at Orre in Klepp. The centre is run jointly by the Rogaland branch of Friends of the Earth Norway, the Jæren Outdoor Activities Council, and the Rogaland County Governor’s Office.

Mostun, Stavanger

Orre, Klepp

Kvassheim lighthouse